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Since last speaking about Eyes Unclouded it has climbed the Platinum stage to Mithral on the DMsGuild!

FASHIONISTA: Localisation and Translation

Nearly eight months after joining Frenzoo as a Games Writer and Narrative Designer, I was asked if I would be interested in taking up a...

BLOG POST: Venturing into Game Design

Similarly to how I got my position at Pixel Princess Blitz, my friend Jack Tomlinson has been a partner in crime in a new game.

ENDLESS WORLD: Consultancy & Editing

I was approached by Radiance Games for a QA and Editor role for their game, Endless World. I was given a free copy of the game.

BLOG POST: Songwriting on Fallout: Miami

Before becoming a Lead, I used my poetry background when writing songs for Sergey Neiss, the Lead Sound on Fallout: Miami. He learned...

BLOG POST: Polygon on Fallout: Miami

When the official trailer for Fallout: Miami came out and I first applied to join the project, multiple news outlets reported on it....

PIXEL PRINCESS BLITZ: Joining as a Writer

While living in a student-flat in Worcester during my first year at University, I met this great Welsh dude that goes by the name of Tack...


As of late July 2018, I have joined the Writers of Fallout: Miami! With a team of Senior Writers sporting decades of experience in...

FALLOUT: Cascadia

I joined the Writing Team of Fallout: Cascadia early 2018. I was blown away by the size and ambition of the project and applied shortly,...

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