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BLOG POST: Ubisoft's Junior Narrative Designer Shortlist

It had been a dream for as long as I started playing Rayman on PS1. My mother got it for me one Christmas, and me being the cheeky little bugger that I was, I carefully unwrapped it every morning when she left for work and played all day before she got home.

Being inside an Ubisoft studio was incredible, especially as a job candidate. I was shortlisted from one thousand other undergraduates and graduates all over the UK. Unfortunately, my technical skills were what held me back, especially against the great game designer that got the job. Her experience and skills are inspirational, and I adapted following that rejection. Ian Mayor, Arden Osthof and Tom Knights led the interview and it was an absolute pleasure to speak with them and to have them commend my writing as highly as they did. I am looking forward to the next time we meet and possibly work together.

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