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BLOG POST: Writing on Pixel Princess Blitz

Writing on Pixel Princess Blitz came through a friend mentioning its writer role call on a Facebook group. While I have mentioned this before, Pixel Princess Blitz is a project with a very bright future and Joon, the creator, pays close attention to what his Kickstarter backers say with every update video he puts out.

The story was significantly delineated when I joined the project, a similar stage to Fallout: Miami. The new writing department was tasked with focusing on random events and overworld messages, using the world of PPB to add flavour around that feature. Using and spreadsheets to create these small, contained stories and keeping track of the overall work is a fun test to my editing skills. I have to be conscious of the restrictions placed description and imagery, as a means to keep the events short, concise and engaging. This as a means to not bore the player or overextend what could easily be a short event.

PPB is a game that I have grown quite fond of, mainly due to its organically-evolving world-building. The community surrounding it is thoughtful and respectful, which inspires me greatly. While most of my work is protected under a NDA, I cannot share anything specific, but there will be a lot revealed at a later date.

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