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FATE: The Art of the Graphic Novel

Above is the latest illustration set in the world of Fate, done by Bruno Wright. It features Estrel, our main character, a Vraatar. There are numerous races in our graphic novel but the Vraatar take the lead thanks to our protagonist. They are the result of influences from Elves, Tieflings, deer and Germanic cultures and aesthetic. When creating the world, we took inspiration primarily from fantasy, namely Dungeons & Dragons; but when it came to breathing life into these races, we reflected a lot of humanity into their cultures.

I will be sharing some more of Bruno Wright's illustrations in the future, especially WIP and isolated scenes, but considering how the script has been submitted as my SCRN3000 - Scriptwriting Negotiated Project assessment, samples of the writing will have to be put off for the time being as to avoid any complications. Below is one of the first ever illustrations that Bruno did on Fate: Vuk're, the Father of All--a titan being that once roamed the land.

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