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INKTOBER 2018: Flowing, Day 10

Art and Poem by Miguel Guerreiro Lourenço

At first I was inspired by one of my favourite speeches ever, one of Bruce Lee's to inspire both my poem and drawing; but I imagined an exotic looking fish, which I designed further. It is a fish native to the inland rivers of the graphic novel, Fate. They are called butterfly fishes. The poem is about being overly ambitious. Below is the transcription:

I was thrown down the white cliff,

my arms stretched out to greet

the waves, crashing against the rocks.

they called to me, longing for my embrace.

I opened my mouth, attempting to

swallow the whole sea.

my tears traced my gaunt cheeks

with veins of salt.

I looked up, her face peering down,

a crown above the pearl stone.

you have the seas inside you now,

she said.

you will drown in your ambitions.


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