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INKTOBER 2018: Poisonous, Day 1

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Art and Poem by Miguel Guerreiro Lourenço

While not much of a illustrator myself, I felt inspired to take on this year's Inktober challenge; to sketch an ink a piece every day. Adding to that, I will be writing a poem using the same prompt.

October 1st was Poisonous, and as such, I drew a terrifying giant spider, as one does, and wrote a poem on toxic masculinity, again, as one does. Below is the transcription:

bind me with my own guts,

let the drops of his blood,

melt my eyes from their sockets.

I will never weep.

I can't.

he told me that the only way,

I could be a man, a true man,

I musn't cry.

keep it all pent up, locked away.

care not that you will burst.

care only that you are strong.

--------I don't listen to them anymore.

I am a man still.


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