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INKTOBER 2018: Roasted, Day 3

Art and Poem by Miguel Guerreiro Lourenço

October 3rd's Roasted, and even if I wanted to draw a happy campfire scene with marshmallows, my thoughts took me towards actual fire. I imagined a mage whose obssession with fire had taken a toll on them, scorching their skin. Still they wielded fire powerfully. This is accompanied by a poem about volatile speech, which in turn compliments the picture beautifully, in my opinion. Below is the transcription:

fire is devastating, like

a running mouth and

its destructive words.

a gaping cave whose

sturdy briar thickets

have been scorched by

his rampant flames.

speak without thinking twice,

and let your ignorance spark

a forest fire.

ignite it all and watch us



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