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INKTOBER 2018: Spell, Day 4

Art and Poem by Miguel Guerreiro Lourenço

Spell is the 4th prompt for Inktober, and I was heavily inspired by April Prime's art from Dungeons & Doggies; considering I had made something very witchy for Roasted, I had to find a way to get away with another witchy thing. The poem that is next to it however, isn't as cute; inspired by the Brett Kavanaugh shitfest. Below is the transcription:

she wrote down her thoughts

on scrolls bought with gold coins,

melted from his meaningless trinkets.

she wished her evening dreams

could conjure up enough courage

for her to live in a world where

men were scarier than the monsters

she read too much about.

morning still came and fear

tickled the blisters on her feet

from walking home faster

then she should have.

his mother should have had an abortion,

she thought. she should have killed him

given the chance. should have.


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