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PIXEL PRINCESS BLITZ: Joining as a Writer

While living in a student-flat in Worcester during my first year at University, I met this great Welsh dude that goes by the name of Tack Jomlinson. Honestly though, Jack's become a very good friend of mine and after graduating from his Games Design degree, he had been looking for some interesting opportunities. He stumbled upon one for me however, in a Facebook group called Indie Game Chat. He caught wind of someone looking for writers for a project of theirs, Pixel Princess Blitz.

I had yet to find out what PPB was, but after reading the job description and requirements, and doing some research, I was blown away with the presentation and efforts. From the Kickstarter alone, I was mesmerised. I contacted Franz Heiner, the pen-name of Joon or Hepari, the game designer and CEO of Lanze Games. We hit it off pretty easily, especially with our shared interests and experiences. We talked about our careers and what got us to that point in time. It's always amazing to meet resilient people and Joon's definitely one of those people.

So, suffice it to say, I am writing for Pixel Princess Blitz as of late last month, and will be tackling a lot in this 2019. Definitely not complaining however--wouldn't have it any other way. Below you can see the game's first alpha trailer!

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