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RESUME: Miguel Guerreiro Lourenço

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

A picture of a workshop I led involving Poetry & World-Building.



An enthusiastic Lead Narrative Designer and Games Writer, with a First Class degree in Creative Writing with Screenwriting, seeking to further his career in the games industry. Currently working on Fashion Empire, Fashionista, Modish Maria, and with a proven track record of several successful creative projects, including comics, interactive multimedia exhibitions, short-films and poetry collections.


Lead Narrative Designer, Frenzoo

[Fashion Empire, Fashionista, Modish Maria, Unannounced Title]


· Led a team of writers and designers in creating and publishing exciting, new games.

· Designed quests, characters and narratives while setting brand expectations.

· Developed seasonal and IAP content, and managed in-game economy and balancing.

· Explored the Localisation potential of several games, namely in BR-PT, EU-PT and ES.

· Worked extensively with Google Office Suite and Unity implementation.

· Attended shareholder meetings and co-authored white documents.

Narrative Designer, Freelance

[Fallout: Miami, Cathnoquey: Shattered Isles, Roblox: Windlight Bay]


· Contributed to significant worldbuilding and narrative design across several projects.

· Produced onboarding and design documents to improve production pipelines.

· Led writers and narrative designers through tasks and delivered on deadlines.

· Directed VA and aided in audio post-production efforts to ensure consistency.

· Managed social media accounts and optimised SEO profiles.

Games Writer, Lanze Games

[Pixel Princess Blitz, Unannounced Title]


· Designed and assisted UI changes as Early-Access improvements.

· Proofread and edited documents, giving feedback to peers and project lead.

· Liaised with members of different departments as to fully engage with the project’s scope.

· Provided QA services to early builds and aided engine implementation.


· St. Augustine's & First, published by Twin Towns.

· Venus, published by Rhythm and Bones.

· The Borinian Snapper, published by Idle Ink.

· Flowers, published by Newmag.

· The First Day of Winter, published by Foxglove Journal.

· Callouses & Broken Lines & Dupré, published by Signal Mountain Review.

· Moss Ablaze, published by Ledbury Poetry Festival.

· Lesson from a Narrowboat & Along the River Severn, published by University of Worcester.

· I Come From, published by Selcouth Station Press.


· Leadership: team and objective-driven, thrives on being part of a hard-working team and leading them to perform above expectations.

· Problem Solver: experienced in extremely busy environments, acquiring the means and skillsets to quickly suppress a problem and solve it before it spreads.

· Reliability: by combining a team-working spirit and an ambitious mindset, often goes the extra mile to ensure success.

· Languages: fluent in Portuguese and English, proficient in Spanish, basic in French and Italian.

· Programming Languages: basics in Papyrus (Creation Engine), C# (Unity), Python, JavaScript and HTML.

· Software Knowledge: Microsoft Office, Google Office Suite, basics of Photoshop & InDesign


· Eyes Unclouded (D&D 5e Anthology) – Editing, published on DMsGuild.

· Pixel Princess Blitz (Videogame) – Currently in-Development, employed by LanzeGames.

· Game of Thrones: Ascent (Videogame) – QA, testing and editing, employed by DisruptorBeam.

· Endless World (Videogame) – Currently in-Development, employed by Radiance Games.

· Fashion Empire (Videogame) – Writing, narrative design and localisation, employed by Frenzoo.

· Fallout: Cascadia (Videogame) – Writing and editing, employed by the Mod Team.

· SCAVS (Webcomic) – Published through Tumblr, illustrated by Anna Zee.

· Buzzard (Webcomic) – Published through Tumblr, illustrated by Jamal Campbell.

· Malefica (Webcomic) – Published through Patreon, illustrated by AnnaTheNewt.

· Tusk Love (Blog) – Published through Tumblr, illustrations by Kelley Akers and Jawsum.

· Fate (Graphic Novel) – Currently in-Development, illustrated by Bruno Wright.

· Amon (Graphic Novel) – Currently in-Development, illustrated by Olivia Rea.

· Good Morning Zakera Ward (Songwriting) – Published through Bandcamp.

· Star Platine (Zine) – Published in France, illustrated by Christopher Kelsall.

· The Seed of Success (Short-Film) – Submitted to 48H Film Project, produced by Thomas Gilbert.

· Creative Writing Workshop (Workshop) – Monthly gathering, employed by Ink! Creative Society.


· BA (Hons) Creative and Professional Writing with Screenwriting, University of Worcester 2016 – 2019 (Student Representative) [First-Class]

· Certificado Nível Secundário de Educação (A-Level Equivalent) in Humanities and Social Sciences. Overall grade: 16/20 including 15/20 in Spanish and 18/20 in History.

· IELTS Exam with an Overall Band Score of 8/9 and CEFR Level of C1.

· Worcester Gold Award [Employability Award]; Merit on self-improvement, work experience and volunteering.

· Student Achievement Award [Scholarship]; Merit on top-of-the-class grades, volunteering and extracurricular activities. £1000 Cash Prize.

· Ubisoft Reflections’ Graduate Programme Shortlist Candidate for Junior Narrative Designer.

· V. Press Best Poetry Collection Runner-Up, University of Worcester 2019.

· Guest Lecturer at Alma Mater, University of Worcester, for Interactive Media Writing.

· M1M0 Certificates for "Learn to Code" and "Programming for Games".


Available upon request.

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