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RESUME: Miguel Guerreiro Lourenço

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

A picture of a workshop I led involving Poetry & World-Building.





An enthusiastic games writer, narrative designer and published 2019 graduate seeking to further his career in the games industry. Currently working on Fashion Empire, Fashionista, Pixel Princess Blitz, and several other game mods and creative projects, including webcomics, short-films and poetry collections.


Lead Narrative Designer: Fashion Empire, for Frenzoo (Remote)

June 2019 – Present

· Designed quests, main story arcs and narrative content surrounding seasonal & paid content.

· Planned and developed along with game designers, researchers and other departments.

· Expanded a massive world through extensive writing, design and QA.

· Worked extensively with spreadsheets, flowcharts and design documents.

Predominant Skills: organisation, editing, inventiveness and attention to detail.

Translator & Localisation Manager: Fashionista, for Frenzoo (Remote)

February 2020 – Present

· Handled translation of UI and ingame content of BR-PT.

· Performed localisation tweaks concerning tone and context for BR-PT.

· Managed data through spreadsheets and design documents.

· QA'd builds and language packages to ensure the utmost quality.

Predominant Skills: proofreading, translation and localisation.

TTRPG Writer & Designer: Underground Oracle Publishing (Remote)

April 2020 – Present

· Wrote extensive and immersive character backgrounds for D&D 5E supplements.

· Designed Stat Blocks for a variety of characters, considering mechanics and narrative.

· Considered commission guidelines and restrictions when drafting documents.

· Collaborated on the wider vision and roadmap for Underground Oracle.

Predominant Skills: ttrpg design & writing, editing and commission writing.


Narrative Consultant: Fallout: Portland, a Fallout 4 Mod (Remote)

May 2020 – Present

· Provided consultancy in narrative subjects, directions and vision.

· Advised Project Lead(s) regarding theme, tones and storytelling.

· Edited and devised design documents crucial to the production pipeline.

· Aided production of the mod by guiding roadmap and narrative decisions.

Predominant Skills: narrative feedback, producing, problem solving and flexibility.

Narrative Editor: Fallout: Cascadia, a Fallout 4 Mod (Remote)

Feb 2020 – Present

· Edited Quests, Dialogue and other ingame text.

· Aided other Editors and Writers with their tasks.

· Maintained Wiki pages and Quire entries.

· Participated in table reads of finalised dialogue and ingame storytelling notes.

Predominant Skills: editing, VA directing, feedback and narrative design.

Lead Writer: Cathnoquey: The Fractured Isles, a Skyrim Mod (Remote)

November 2019 – Present

· Wrote and designed characters, locations and quests, along with relevant documents and instructions.

· Conducted interviews with prospective writers and helped rebuild and restructure the writing department.

· Delineated the overall narrative, frequently adapting to current world nuances and themes.

· Provided extensive and constructive feedback to other writers, as to better guide their experience and shape the game world with their help.

Predominant Skills: editing, narrative design, narrative feedback and collaboration.

Writer: Pixel Princess Blitz, for Lanze Games (Remote)

December 2018 – Present

· Designed random encounters and flavour text per specifications.

· Proofread and edited documents, providing feedback to their original authors.

· Liaised with members of different departments as to fully engage with the project's scope.

· Advised Leads on social media management and posts.

Predominant Skills: narrative direction, budgeting, problem solving and flexibility.

Co-Lead Writer: Fallout: Miami, a Fallout 4 Mod (Remote)

November 2018 – July 2019

· Promoted to Co-Lead Writer, organised the departments tools and edited lore documents.

· Managed the Monthly Update segment, as well as writing scripts for VAs to perform.

· Conducted interviews with prospective writers and helped with the transition period.

· Delineated the overall narrative and provided constructive feedback to other writers.

Predominant Skills: communication, narrative design, social media management and leadership.

Writer: Fallout: Miami (Remote)

July 2018 – November 2018

· Edited the Mod’s Story Bible and other crucial documents to minimise inconsistencies in the Lore.

· Coordinated tasks with the Lead Developers and other junior writers, maximising efficiency.

· Interacted closely with members of the online community in the Mod’s Social Media platforms.

· Edited the project’s private Wikia to great extent, transferring entries from the Story Bible.

Predominant Skills: online writing tools, narrative design, collaboration and adaptability.

Chief Executive Editor: The Sabrina Magazine (Worcester, UK)

September 2016 – February 2017

· Edited creative pieces for the Creative and Professional Writing University magazine.

· Ensured the high standards of previous editions, by leading an editorial team.

· Liaised with the Illustration and Arts department to include complimenting illustrations.

Predominant Skills: organisation, editing, inventiveness and attention to detail.

Freelance Writer & Editor: Several Projects (Remote)

December 2015 – Present

· Wrote and Co-Created Webcomics, working closely with illustrators all over the world.

· Edited and provided feedback on writing, holding workshops for students and otherwise.

· Received commissions, soon developing customised and commissioned short fiction.

· Designed and advised personal websites, portfolios and blogs with a multitude of tools.

Predominant Skills: flexibility, research, initiative and web design.


· St. Augustine's & First, published by Twin Towns.

· Venus, published by Rhythm and Bones.

· The Borinian Snapper, published by Idle Ink.

· Flowers, published by Newmag.

· The First Day of Winter, published by Foxglove Journal.

· Callouses & Broken Lines & Dupré, published by Signal Mountain Review.

· Moss Ablaze, published by Ledbury Poetry Festival.

· Lesson from a Narrowboat & Along the River Severn, published by University of Worcester.

· I Come From, published by Selcouth Station Press.


· Leadership: team and objective-driven, thrives on being part of a hard-working team and leading them to perform above expectations.

· Problem Solver: experienced in extremely busy environments, acquiring the means and skillsets to quickly suppress a problem and solve it before it spreads.

· Reliability: by combining a team-working spirit and an ambitious mindset, often goes the extra mile to ensure success.

· Languages: fluent in Portuguese and English, proficient in Spanish, basic in French and Italian.

· Programming Languages: basics in Papyrus (Creation Engine), C# (Unity), Python, JavaScript and HTML.

· Software Knowledge: Microsoft Office, Google Office Suite, basics of Photoshop & InDesign


· Eyes Unclouded (D&D 5e Anthology) – Editing, published on DMsGuild.

· Pixel Princess Blitz (Videogame) – Currently in-Development, employed by LanzeGames.

· Game of Thrones: Ascent (Videogame) – QA, testing and editing, employed by DisruptorBeam.

· Endless World (Videogame) – Currently in-Development, employed by Radiance Games.

· Fashion Empire (Videogame) – Writing, narrative design and localisation, employed by Frenzoo.

· Fallout: Cascadia (Videogame) – Writing and editing, employed by the Mod Team.

· SCAVS (Webcomic) – Published through Tumblr, illustrated by Anna Zee.

· Buzzard (Webcomic) – Published through Tumblr, illustrated by Jamal Campbell.

· Malefica (Webcomic) – Published through Patreon, illustrated by AnnaTheNewt.

· Tusk Love (Blog) – Published through Tumblr, illustrations by Kelley Akers and Jawsum.

· Fate (Graphic Novel) – Currently in-Development, illustrated by Bruno Wright.

· Amon (Graphic Novel) – Currently in-Development, illustrated by Olivia Rea.

· Good Morning Zakera Ward (Songwriting) – Published through Bandcamp.

· Star Platine (Zine) – Published in France, illustrated by Christopher Kelsall.

· The Seed of Success (Short-Film) – Submitted to 48H Film Project, produced by Thomas Gilbert.

· Creative Writing Workshop (Workshop) – Monthly gathering, employed by Ink! Creative Society.


· BA (Hons) Creative and Professional Writing with Screenwriting, University of Worcester 2016 – 2019 (Student Representative) [First-Class]

· Certificado Nível Secundário de Educação (A-Level Equivalent) in Humanities and Social Sciences. Overall grade: 16/20 including 15/20 in Spanish and 18/20 in History.

· IELTS Exam with an Overall Band Score of 8/9 and CEFR Level of C1.

· Worcester Gold Award [Employability Award]; Merit on self-improvement, work experience and volunteering.

· Student Achievement Award [Scholarship]; Merit on top-of-the-class grades, volunteering and extracurricular activities. £1000 Cash Prize.

· Ubisoft Reflections’ Graduate Programme Shortlist Candidate for Junior Narrative Designer.

· V. Press Best Poetry Collection Runner-Up, University of Worcester 2019.

· Guest Lecturer at Alma Mater, University of Worcester, for Interactive Media Writing.

· M1M0 Certificates for "Learn to Code" and "Programming for Games".


Available upon request.

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