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SELCOUTH STATION PRESS: An Article on Dungeons & Dragons and its creative benefits

Art by Jack Kirby Crosby for Dice, Paper, Role

After being published by Selcouth Station Press, I continued my correspondence with its editor, Haley Jenkins. We talked about our writing, what has shaped it and what drives us to pursue this craft. Eventually, we discussed possibly writing articles/blog posts for Selcouth Station Press, and lo and behold, this first article was written.

Dungeons & Dragons: How a Table-Top Game Inspires Creatives Worldwide, is an article that speaks about, well, what it says on the tin. I was intrigued by the inspiration factor in D&D to the point where I approached some illustrators to talk about their experiences with the game and their art following playing or at least, going into it to begin with. Jack Kirby Crosby was my first interview, and he was featured in the article, alongside his views and work on Dice, Paper, Role, a D&D podcast he plays in as well.

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