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SHORT-FILM: The Seed of Success

Commissioned by Thomas Gilbert, The Seed of Success was submitted to The 48H Film Project in Shanghai, 2018.

I was commissioned by Thomas Gilbert, a British photographer and cinematographer living in China to write a short-film for the 48H Film Project, an innovative approach to film-making challenges. We would receive several prompts: a prop, a character, a genre and a line of dialogue. For our team, How Team So Film Very Yes, it was a pumpkin, Chris or Chrystal White (Club President), Fish Out of Water/ Drama and "Now that right there, is the secret to success."

After a team-meeting merely hours later, between the UK team, me and two music composer and Thomas, the crew and actors, we reached the idea that would earn us four awards before the festival was finally over.

Chris White, the Club President for the International Horticultural Foundation, gives a stirring presentation on pumpkins and their potential... to the wrong audience.

I wrote the entirety of the script in a couple of hours, about 5 pages, which was later translated into Chinese for the crew and actors. It became a favourite among the screening audiences, and even if we didn't receive any awards, the experience alone was thrilling enough to warrant another collaboration in the future.

You can watch it on YouTube here!

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