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SIGNAL MOUNTAIN REVIEW: Callouses and Broken Lines & Dupré, from the Meadow

Affiliated with the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Signal Mountain Review encourage submissions from underrepresented writers--aiming to inject much needed diversity in the online written world.

Callouses and Broken Lines is a poem born out of a writing prompt focusing on the hands of a loved one. Being away from home and living in a foreign country, I had none but my own to stare at. This combined with the words of my mother, the roughness born out of harsh manual labour and much more, this poem speaks louder than a lot of other poems of mine. Dupré, from the Meadow is another poem, in which I envision the personification of depression in a flirtatious young boy that delves in darkness, teasing Death and enticing their history with my body.

These pieces have been published by Signal Mountain Review in their 2018 Fall issue and simply put, there was no better home to house these pieces of mine.

You can check out here.

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