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STAR PLAZINE: Blanc'hel & Fhascht

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

I had hit some form of low when I first met Christopher Kelsall, an artist and sculptor. My latest webcomic was published in its entirety, but the near future would not bring a second issue. Chris is an old family friend of my wife's side, and my mother-in-law being a mother-in-law, put us through one another.

We talked about many things through emails, before we met in person. Then, we finally discussed a possible collaboration. His keenness for social commentary and online communities meant our project would fall into satire--the modern-day pantheon of Gods was then born.

In Star PlaZine, the zine features many illustrations done by the Star Platine, an international group of artists. Alongside two of Chris' pieces, are two writing pieces written by me, inspired by his work. Blanc'hel, the Patron Saint of Involuntary Celibates, is a piece focusing on the incel community and toxic masculinity. Fhasct, the God of Fascism, plays with the rampant growth of racism and the alt-right movement.

These are inherently political pieces wrapped in a mythological veil. They have very different voices and they are crude and explicit--features that play along the same lines as the hidden worshipers of said deities.

The pieces are available to be read upon request, and you can check out more of Star Platine's work on their instagram and their website.

The composition of Fhasct, my written piece and Kelsall's art/sculpture.

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