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TUSK LOVE: A New-New Fantasy Inclusive Project

What first started as a fun little adventure into the Critical Role fandom, an online live Dungeons & Dragons show, has developed into a slightly bigger endeavour.

The Spin-Off of Tusk Love was first teased on the tumblr blog where it is updated frequently, along with the video above, now hosted on YouTube. It features the process behind Kelley Akers' artwork, the same illustrator of The Cat in the Six-Foot Beard. The video was accompanied by the following text:

Mizara is a femme half-orc transwoman. Vulri is a hardy half-elf woman. They met at a concert in Hupperdook, when Mizara was following a traveling band of hard-hitting bards. Vulri’s done it all, pretty much, but has a soft spot for helping caravans make routes between cities.

The story picks up when Vulri is given a job to guard a caravan, but Mizara’s head is filled with haunting thoughts that it might be more dangerous than first advertised. Rumours of a vindictive warlock preying on lesser folk, aids her case, but Vulri urges Mizara to trust the caravan leader and their need for coin.

What could go wrong?

Transwomen and lesbian-relationships are often either fetishised or met with deadly ends. In the Spin-Off of Tusk Love, it's the humanity and love that will lead the narrative, offering some much needed representation to the LGBTQ+ community in the fantasy genre.

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