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UNDERGROUND ORACLE PUBLISHING: Writing and Designing D&D 5E Supplements

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

After joining the RPG Writer Workshop discord in the Summer of 2019, I quickly dove into the community side of TTRPGs through Discord and Twitter. I met some amazing people that sought to inspire players, DMs, writers and designers alike.

Enter Jess and Keith Pendley, better known as Underground Oracle Publishing. They have adapted their amazing TTRPG world into a variety of supplements, from subclasses, spells to magic items and NPCs. I began by reviewing their work as I tested them at my home games. Eventually they became fans of my own work, and I was later propositioned by Jess to work on a new project of theirs, that largely consisted on designing and writing NPCs. These characters showcased some of their unique spells and subclass features, which meant I would need to take their directions thoroughly in mind, both in the mechanical and narrative sense!

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