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BLOG POST: Polygon on Fallout: Miami

When the official trailer for Fallout: Miami came out and I first applied to join the project, multiple news outlets reported on it. Polygon and Eurogamer, for example, came out with very succinct articles on what led to the trailer's release and the state of Fallout: Miami then.

After joining the project and eventually becoming one of the Lead Writers on Fallout: Miami, I felt obliged to consider the reports on the project when approaching the narrative. With the amount of attention the mod had received, the millions of views on the trailer and even managing the community discord (as well as other social media platforms), I had to keep in mind the fans' expectations.

The writers that I hired following becoming Lead were a reflection of this--bringing in people with experience, degrees and knowledge of not only the franchise and its universe, but how to approach it in today's day and age.

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