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CATHNOQUEY: Leading a diverse team of Writers

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

I joined Cathnoquey: The Fractured Isles in late 2019, after seeing a role call on ModDB. I had worked with Ash Lawrence before in Fallout: Miami, and I always admired their work. After applying and showing Ash my work, they were immediately keen on bringing me in as Senior Writer. A few months later, I was made Lead Writer.

This opportunity included a lot of the same responsibilities that Fallout: Miami entailed... and then some. However, I was given a lot more freedom to my approach as a producer, which in turn meant I was able to restructure the writing department and better guide my department colleagues. With a diverse team of unique backgrounds, identities, sexualities and ethnicities, I am confident in Cathnoquey's future and the many stories we have to tell,

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