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CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP: A Session on World-Building & Poetry

Picture taken by Kelley Akers, Head of the Ink! Creative Society at the University of Worcester.

I was invited by the Ink! Creative Society at the University of Worcester to teach a Creative Writing Workshop for their members and crew. Knowing the audience, I prepared two presentations: one on Poetry, and how to engage with it and its techniques, not only to strengthen their poems but to approach their prose work with other tools, such as metaphors and sensory similes. The other presentation was on World-Building, considering that these were people either into table-top rpgs, eg Dungeons & Dragons, or were thinking about writing a novel on their own creations.

With the later presentation, I delved into the wonders of research and note-taking and how a writer can get lost in writing up the lore for their fantasy or even non-fiction worlds. We also performed an exercise where we created our own fantasy race together, which they all seemed to enjoy severally, given the structure with which we went about it.

Poetry exercises were also fun, mainly the use of senses in imagery, besides the overused sight and touch.

Talks with the society have opened up a monthly workshop idea, that could be followed up on.

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