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EDITING: The Sabrina Magazine, 2017

On my first year at university, I volunteered to work as the Chief Executive Editor on the course's Creative Writing magazine, The Sabrina. It was an amazing time that helped cement my experience in editing and leading a team of writers, two things I would later come to do often, namely in Fallout: Miami.

Working on the Sabrina involved liaising with contributors, editors and illustrators, which was an innovative approach to the magazine structure, inspired by the course leader. I put out a submission call for fellow university members and structured a proofreading and editing department. I commissioned Anna Solcova to design the magazine alongside my specifications, and helped with the visuals and contents. Two major illustrations were also commissioned for the cover which came in too late for the finalization of the actual overall visuals, but were later added in the middle of the book as centerpieces. Anna Doherty and Kayleigh Fletcher were amazing illustrators to work with and their illustrations enhanced what was already a gorgeous installment to the magazine's history.

The magazine is available to download on request!

The Editor's note and Acknowledgement letter written by me and Julie MacLusky, respectively.

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