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INKTOBER 2018: Expensive, Day 22

Art and Poem by Miguel Guerreiro Lourenço

I wanted to turn away from traditional worth with this Inktober's Expensive prompt. Inspired by James Gifford's one D&D item a day, I drew a Hunger of Hadar ring! Can't deny that Travis Willingham from Critical Role is at fault for it mostly. Below is the transcription of the poem, featuring my views on fox hunting and the fur trade:

the matted coat of dawn

and fire, pulled from their

unwilling flesh, now weeping

blood. how inexpensive can

a life be, for their fur

to be deemed simply marketable

or disposable--

let their chatter and screams

deafen you in your nightmares,

their tails wrapped around

your neck, fangs delighting

on your eyes.


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